UN seminar on the contributions of John Paul II to social justice and peace

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John Paul II: Contribution to modern thought of social justice and peace

High-level Seminar and Panel Discussions at the UN

Monday, March 27, 2006

“I feel an obligation to reaffirm vigorously that the intrinsic value and the personal dignity of every human being does not change no matter what the concrete situation of his life.” ~John Paul II

The purpose of this day is to examine the thought of Pope John Paul II as it pertains to the dignity of the human person, and the particular impact his thought and his life’s work has had on Freedom, Democracy, Social Justice and Development.  Followed by a three-day conference with young people from all regions of the world, a special emphasis will be given to young people as the future of society. 

One-day Seminar in the Trusteeship Chamber (Reserved).

Opening Session (10-10:45am):

Invited             Welcome: Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information

Statements of welcome: sponsors of event**

Confirmed       Opening remarks: H.E. Alojz Peterle, former Prime Minister of Slovenia

Confirmed       Keynote Speaker: George Weigel  – Introduction to the life and work of John Paul II.


Panel 1: Solidarity, Democracy, Social Justice and Peace (10:45-12:45):

Confirmed        Professor Wojciech Roszkowski MEP – Solidarity & the influence of John Paul II

Confirmed       Ambassador Bahemuka – Kenya: Building democracy through non-violence

Confirmed       Senator Kit Tatad – the effect of corruption on democracy


Panel 2:  The Dignity of the Person, Freedom and Human Rights (3:30-5:30):

Confirmed       Habib Malik – Multicultural elements in the human rights project

Confirmed       Rabbi David Novak – Dignity of the person, freedom, human rights

Confirmed       Kathryn Hoomkwap – Social development and the human person


Closing Celebration (7pm on):  World Youth Alliance House, 228 East 71st Street


Confirmed       **Supporting Missions: Poland, Holy See, Timor L’Este, Cameroon, Romania

Confirmed       Sponsor: World Youth Alliance

Confirmed       Patrons: Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein