Upcoming events: May to November 2007


Upcoming events summary

Regional Internship Program

The second quarter of the Region’s Internship Program begins on 8th May to 17th August 2007. The deadline for application is 6th April 2007.

Internships Date

Deadline for applications

9th Jan to 20th April 07

11th December 2006

8th May to August 07

6th April 2007

1st Oct to 14th December 07

31st August 2007



Track A Training – Accreditations

There shall be an Accreditation Session for members in Kenya who have completed Track A training on Saturday 2nd June 2007 from 9am to 5pm.  Details on the venue shall be communicated in due course.  Accreditation in Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria shall be done during the Director’s Visit.


Track A On – lineTraining Scedule

Dates and Quarters

Application Deadline

1st Quarter
Jan 5th to April 5th 07

15th December 06

2nd quarter
April 10th to July 10th 07

1st April 07

3rd Quarter
July 20th to October 20th

1st July 2007

4th Quarter
Oct 25th 07 to Jan 25th 08

1st October 07

Director’s Visit

This is an annual event a few months after the President’s Tour where the Regional Director carries out follow-up in countries visited by the president and to other parts of the region that have exhibited interest in establishing WYA Chapters.  The visit provides the opportunity for basic training on the ideas of the World Youth Alliance and strategic planning with active members.  This year the Director hopes to visit Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Keep checking https://www.wya.net/regions/africa_current_events.html?catid=64  for more updates on this and other events.


Uganda – Kampala

13th to 18th June 07


5th to 8th  July 07

Rwanda – Gisenyi- Kigali

19th to 23rd July 07


24th to 26th July 07

DR Congo – Goma

28th to 29th July 07

 2nd International Youth Conference –  Nigeria

28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2007

Dignity in Leadership Seminar

This is a unique project which seeks to demonstrate practically how ideas centered on the dignity of the human person can be used to develop good leaders and how this ultimately translates into good governance.  WYA Africa will host a Dignity in Leadership Seminar for members in Kenya aged between 15 and 18 years on Saturday 19th May 2007.  Those interested can contact winnie@wya.net.

2nd International Youth Conference

This is an annual forum organized for WYA members in Africa and other parts of the world to discuss issues of global concern and to establish how they can contribute towards improving situations at the local level.  This year’s Conference will be on Good governance and building free and just societies.  It will take place from 29th November to 1st December in Nigeria.  Members are encouraged to start thinking about how they can apply the ideas of the Alliance to promote Good Governance in their community. Send your comments, ideas and experiences on this topic to africa@wya.net.