Vienna Training Day, Sunday 7th of May

Vienna Training Day
Sunday 7th of May Vienna: 10am – 6pm
KHG, Ebendorferstrasse 8,1010 Wien

World Youth Alliance would like to invite you to a one day intensive training which will be led by Anna Halpine, President and Founder of WYA. This is one of the last occasions that Anna Halpine will come to Europe to train members in the region. The training is designed for bright and committed young people – future leaders – who wish to promote the dignity of the human person in policy and culture. We believe that formation is a high priority and a prerequisite for training others and shaping the culture.
In order to ensure the highest possible quality of training, we can only accept those young people under 30 years old, who are willing to make a commitment to this study process and complete ‘Track A’. We believe that members will find this one-day session extremely formative and helpful. Participation is at the discretion of WYA Europe staff: please contact the European regional office if you wish to attend. The European Regional Staff and Former European Director of WYA will also be present throughout the training day to work with members and assist with group discussions.

More information on Track A
The World Youth Alliance Basic Training Track (Track A) is designed to provide a brief but comprehensive training on the context, ideas and work of the World Youth Alliance. Track A is draws upon WYA Training Set I, which was previously used for member training; in addition to this Track A now includes selected texts taken from Training Sets II, III and IV.  Track A is now being developed as the core training set for anyone becoming more deeply involved with WYA.  Anyone interested in participating in formational activities; regional internships, introductory workshops, EU advocacy work etc, must complete this training by reading through the necessary texts and submitting short written answers in order to grasp the purpose, method and direction of our work. Track A is also a requirement for National Committee members. We are currently in the process of establishing a stable structure of National Committees throughout Europe and invite members to apply for National Committee positions (to be finalized for 2007 by this September).

Side Events in Vienna
a)       Party: Saturday Evening 6th May
We invite you to attend a party which is open to all youth – a chance to get to know WYA members, build solidarity and celebrate life
b)        Introductory WYA Symposium and Cocktail: 18h30 Monday 8th May, Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna
This exclusive event will include speeches and presentations on WYA´s vision and practical engagement; it is particularly suitable for students and individuals from the older generation who are interested in WYA. We would be delighted to hear from you should you wish to attend the event.

Logistics: There is no charge for the events but the Sunday Training and Monday Seminar are ‘invitation only’ events. If you would like to invite friends to these events, please kindly inform us.  Details of location will be sent to those who confirm their availability to  We are unable to arrange accommodation for guests but if you have problems with arranging accommodation or transport we will do our best to help you. Please contact World Youth Alliance Europe on: +32 2732 7605 or