Viviamo: Kenyan members invited to participate



This year World Youth Alliance Africa has partnered with a Kenyan Non governmental Organization (NGO), Ahadi Kenya Trust as we carry out our first Viviamo Event. Our first Viviamo! On 21st June 2008 will feature Kenyan Members and friends while the second event will take place on 22nd November 2008 in Murang’a Kenya. We are looking forward to this promising activity that will bring our members and friends of WYA in witnessing how the dignity of the human person has been trodden upon and experiencing the same dignity within a different development context.
What is Viviamo!

Viviamo! Italian for “We live!” is a World Youth Alliance (WYA) project launched in 2006 which focused on improving local habitats around the globe. Each of the five WYA Regions identified a community-based habitat project that is effectively addressing poverty and local concerns while highlighting the dignity of the person. These Habitat projects are an opportunity for us to look at some of the ways in which the ingenuity of each person is being harnessed to find unique and creative new solutions to large-scale problems.

Ahadi Kenya Trust

World Youth Alliance Africa has chosen to work with Ahadi Kenya Trust, a Kenyan not-for-profit organization started in January 2007. Its mission is to uplift the lives of Kenyans by bringing together different stakeholders in promotion of sustainable communities. The organization aims to form partnerships in achieving its objectives. In March 2007, the organization launched a jigger eradication and sanitation project in parts of Kenya.

The aim of the project is rescue and referral of jigger-infested persons in homes and schools.

Most of the jigger victims suffer stigma and cannot perform everyday chores due to the infestation. The project also aims at community awareness campaigns on jiggers and hygiene. It is in line with the global campaign against poverty since jigger infestation is caused by poverty as victims cannot afford soap for cleaning or do not have access to water for domestic use in addition to food and basic human needs.

Giving hope in the midst of despair  

The situation of the jigger infested people is unique in that the problem has been ignored and almost forgotten for a long time in the Kenyan society. Often, the victims have been stigmatized and in most cases, they cannot take part in normal chores and cannot fend for their daily bread.

We are therefore soliciting for donations of clothes, shoes, medicated soaps, disinfectant (Savlon, Dettol e.t.c.), foodstuff and gloves to help us in the project as we work together in bringing back smiles and reaffirm dignity to the people who are infested with jiggers.

Our first national event will be on 21stJune 2008 in Kanunga, Kiambu. Kenyan members and friends who wish to participate are welcome to join us. Kindly RSVP by 13th June. You can call us on 254 2 0250 754 or send an Email to or

Our tentative date for the second Viviamo! is 22nd November 2008. We will keep updating our website incase of changes.