Volunteers Welcome

Volunteer with the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific office today! Volunteer opportunities range from Administration to Special Projects.

As a volunteering with the administration team, you work with the staff of the regional office. You help the region with day-to-day tasks that are crucial to running the region!

Members of our Marketing Committee help spread the word about the Alliance! Our Volunteers help us tell other people about the WYA, and invite them to become more involved with us!

Membership Development volunteers help us build the membership of the World Youth Alliance. They become our local contacts in schols and campuses, even in provinces and countries.

Whether its a global initiative or a local project, there’s always something happening at the World Youth Alliance. Our Special Projects are based on our mission to promote the dignity of the human person in policy and culture everywhere. For the coming year, there are a number of great programs coming up such as The Viviamo Project, our global initiative that celebrates the Housing and Human Settlements agenda.

If you’d like to volunteer and feel that you have have interests outside of those mentioned above, tell us about your other interests.

All volunteers are encouraged to take part in the World Youth Alliance basic training program.
For further inquiries please contact Ms. Tamara Tan, Regional Director of Operations at tamara@wya.net. For interested parties, send an email of intent or your CV. Thank you very much!