WYA Africa Public Lecture by Anna Halpine


Population & Development | Are Ethics Necessary for Sustainability?


Human rights are rooted in a prior understanding and respect for the dignity of the person. An affirmation of the dignity of the human person puts the human person at the centre of development by addressing his basic human, social and economic needs thus ensuring that every person is included in the development process. A person centered approach to development is therefore crucial for ethical and sustainable human development and for the determination of policies and programs related to the dignity of the person.

Failure to put the human person first in development often results in the violation of his dignity. Population control programs see the human person as a problem and an obstacle to development. As such, these programs raise significant ethical and human rights problems that violate the dignity of the human person.

Join Anna Halpine as she deliberates on issues of population and development and sheds light on the recent reports of forced sterilization of HIV+ women in Kenya.

Venue: The Jubilee Hall, Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)
Date: 30th October, 2012

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