WYA Africa Viviamo! 2009

World Youth Alliance Africa will be holding the first Viviamo! event this year on Saturday 14th February 2009. Members, friends and supporters of WYA are invited to come join us as we share love on this special day with those who are affected by jiggers. We will be holding the event at Gatundu-Thika District, Kenya in collaboration with Ahadi Kenya Trust, A Kenyan NGO that is involved in the jigger eradication project. We are currently looking for donations of clothes, shoes, dry food stuffs, Medicated soaps, disinfectant(Savlon), Basins and gloves. If you are interested in taking part in the event or in donating, kindly get in touch with us on email africa@wya.net, or drop your donations at the WYA Africa office on 5th Floor, Ukulima Cooperative House near Uhuru Highway-Haile Selassie roundabout or call the office on +254202250754.

The aim of the Viviamo! project is to involve young people in a practical experience of the Dignity of The Human Person while giving them an opportunity to participate in person Centred Development activities. The Viviamo! project initiated by World Youth Alliance in 2003 has since expanded to each of the five WYA regions. It is an opportunity for our members to give them selves to a worthy cause while sharing the experience with other young people who share in the idea of the dignity of the human person.