WYA Asia Pacific Opening: Communications Interns and Volunteers


"The World Youth Alliance is looking for volunteers and interns to beef up their communications team. Interested applicants please send your CV and sample work to wyaap.emilydy@gmail.com"

Requirements –
Background in communications, design, multimedia arts. Professional experience not required. People with their own laptops / computers are preferred as the office has limited capacity. Interns / externs will only be required to come to the office 2x / week, much work and coordination will be done online. Volunteers can determine their preferred arrangement.

Responsibilities –
  Assist in developing materials for a 360 campaign for WYA and its various projects
 Specializations needed: graphic artist / art director, copywriter, multi-media artist with experience in 
   creating videos, public relations
  Report to the Director of Communications
 Most projects are for Asia Pacific but with a good chance of also doing work for the rest of the WYA   regions / international headquarters
  Length and extent of engagement is flexible. Please specify in your email / cover letter how much   time you are willing to commit and what your particular area of interests.