WYA Europe Viviamo! ‘ The drama of love’


The fourth Viviamo Sumer Camp, organized by WYA Europe, took place in Orleans in June 2009 and focused on the topic of love. Participants who gathered in France came from different parts of Europe: Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Scotland, Belgium and Lithuania. 

The 5-day-programme consisted of lectures, workshops as well as sightseeing and a variety of leisure activities. This year we partnered with “You” and “Tascapane” magazines, “Love Generation” which is involved in different grassroots development projects and coordinates volunteer work locally.
The composition of the programme allowed WYA members to reflect upon the meaning of love and relationships as a value in their personal lives as well as in society. They could learn how sexuality and relationships play an decisive role in the life of a person and consequently within society. Thanks to the workshops of Mojca Magdic and Terese Jacob they learned about love and relationships, their potential for problems and tensions, but as well as for fulfillment and happiness and inquired with us the meaning of life. We also had lectures on love, the meaning of human existence, sexuality and the gift of self.

Workshops on ‘Who am I? What is love? What offers meaning in life?’

Discussions  and art work shops on the wisdom and values in great literature Greek and Roman mythology, Plato and much more!

Improving communication skills through a workshop and creating a Viviamo magazine.

Visiting Paris (optional) and the castles and sights of the Loire valley; the very place of Renaissance romanticism.

Project description
During this year’s Viviamo Summer Camp WYA members had a possibility to attend a serious of lectures and workshops, which showed different perspectives love and sexuality. Camp started with introduction to the core ideas of WYA, explanation and relevance of the Viviamo “The Drama of Love” topic. The first lecturer and a good friend of WYA Ms Mojca Magdic (Master in Family science, Philosophy and Theology) on ‘love and freedom’ spoke about the philosophical understanding of love and freedom their place in our life. After her talk, members went sight- seeing in Orleans and had an introduction to Drama of Love journal and photography workshop. Importance of parental love was raised during film night “Bella”.

Next day started with morning work out open air with Iuliia Kryvenko, an intern from Ukraine. The understanding of the relationships and sexuality of human body was deepened thanks to the lecture and workshop by Ms. Terese Jacob (Master in Philosophy and Family Science) on sexuality and the philosophy of the body. The role of love in ancient societies was presented by love stories of a Greek mythology in presentation of the dignity project of Iuliia Kryvenko. After the lunch all the participants had a chance to experience life, trust and nature trough sense perception by playing the game “Hic et Nunc”.

On Sunday 28th Viviamo participants visited The Chateau of Chambord, one of the loveliest Renaissance buildings in the Valley of the Loire. Followed by photography workshop and barbeque in the garden after coming back to Joli Bois from the tour.

Monday was the day of questions and conclusions. The summary of Viviamo summer camp 2009 is the magazine on “The Drama of Love” composed by all the participants. Everyone had a chance to contribute into creating the magazine by writing an essay or taking a picture sharing his/her experience which was gained during the camp days.

Viviamo summer camp was very good experience being among nice people who strive for culture of life. It gave me more inspirations for understanding of love and all its necessary dimensions. Lectures, workshop, games, taking pictures, visit of one of the most famous french castles in valley of river Loire – Chambord enabled me to sense broader connection between various dimensions of love from emotions, suffering, will and exclusivity to body, sexuality and fertility, which is so attacked today. This was my second event with World youth alliance after volunteering with them during World youth day in Bonn in 2005 and thus I recommend to participate on such events to all young people.

WYA offers the necessary hope and positive concept of culture for future and it has real influence on national and international level. WYA offers the vision of human person which is hand in hand with its Christian understanding. If we know who we are, that man and woman has undeniable dignity, that we are created from love for love (not its deviation) then we do not have to worry about future of our families, societies, nations and continents.


NEW: Viviamo! Drama of Love Magazine | Click here to download.