WYA North America Tours the West Coast

WYA North America Director, Clare Halpine, and Director of Operations, Marie Murray, will be travelling to California to speak to high school and university students in the Los Angeles area, from March 12th to 21st, as well as to attend the LA Religious Education Congress, in Anaheim. 

"We are really excited about this opportunity", said Director of Operations, Marie Murray, "I’ve personally never been to California and I’m thrilled to begin to reach out to our members on the West Coast."

Coinciding with the trip to California, WYA North America interns, Monica Kim and Katie Joy Jastrebski will be visiting Washington, to speak on behalf of WYA at the Tri-Cities Encounter, and to local High Schools and Colleges in the area, from March 12th to 17th. "I’m excited for the work we are doing in Washington next week, said Monica, "as every person we reach out to helps us grow the work! Personally, learning about WYA and our work on dignity gave me a deeper understanding of what I believed and this would not have been possible without outreach. I am thrilled to help bring WYA to the west coast!"

If you are in the Los Angeles or Washington areas, please be in touch!  If you would like to bring WYA to your school, chapter, or group, please email us (northamerica@wya.net) to arrange a visit!