WYALA Committee Training Session in Guadalajara, Mex!


WYALA- Guadalajara,  17 May, 2008


The CTS is a specialized training session for Committee Directors that will take place in Guadalajara, Jalisco 17 May, 2008

The CTS is an specialized training seminar in which the Regional Director has an strategic plan session with Regional Committee, teaches them how to use the project management system, advises them on how to organize a training or cultural event, and helps them create their one year calendar.


  • Teach the Regional Committee Members how to use the WYA Project Management System
  • Create a local strategic plan with the local chapters and committees, to help us meet the Regional goals by contributing with their work to the Regional Strategic Plan
  • Give them a time management tutorial to help them improve their work
  • Go further in their understanding of WYA and our work
  • Have small language training to equip them with a deeper understanding of important terms that relate to the work they are doing.
  • Update on past and current regional and Guadalajara projects to have continuity.

1. Who are we?

  • a. Mision
  • b. Vision

2. Where do we come from?

  • a. Extended Founding Store
  • b. Come to our countries… History of the region and of the local work done there (if applicable)

3. How do we work?

  • a. Training
  • b. Culture
  • c. Advocacy

4. Which are our goals?

  • a. International
  • b. Regional
  • c. National
  • d. Local

5. How to accomplish the goals?

  • a. Ingredients of success, time management and event planning.
  • b. Strategic Planning

6. Creation, planning and Project organization

  • a. Project Management System
  • b. Notes Widmer

Outcomes of Committee Training:

Committee and Chapter Strategic Plans
Know how to use the Project Management System
Clear vision of where to work, what to do
Members to be able to communicate their own WYA story.

Other details:
Venue: To confirm
Training Fee : 150 pesos (Includes food and materials)
Plus a 50 pesos solidarity fee. If you want you can give more.

*Solidarity fee is a donation to the WYA Latin America scholarship fund that helps members that want to participate in our international events and can not afford it.

To Confirm your attendance please contact wyala.ediths@gmail.com 

Want to host a committee training session in your city? Please contact Lourdes Villanueva at lourdes@wya.net