WYA’s Declaration on Art and the Human Person

 The World Youth Alliance held its first annual International Arts Forum, co-sponsored by First Things, from November 9 to November 11.  This event provided an arena for painters, photographers, sculptors, writers, and actors to explore the relationship between art, beauty, human nature, and human dignity. When art reveals beauty, the individual is drawn into an experience of the ultimate mystery of his being. This experience compels man to see beyond himself, connecting him with the transcendent. Not all artists have the intention of highlighting this beauty that leads man to a more authentic experience of himself and the world. However, WYA’s International Arts Forum aimed to bring together artists sharing the conviction that there exists an inherent connection between art, beauty, the dignity of the human person, and man’s desire for the transcendent. In this way, art is understood as having an objective value and purpose.

At the conclusion of the conference, the speakers and artist participants drafted a statement reflecting the relationship between art and the human person. To read World Youth Alliance’s Declaration on Art and the Human Person, click HERE.