Youth Exchange and Training Program in China

The National Youth Commission is inviting young Filipinos to take part in the ASEAN Youth Cadres Training Program of the Guangxi International Youth Exchange Institute of China.
The program starts on October 10 until December 10, 2006. The Training Program is open to Filipinos 18-40 years old.
The cost of the roundtrip airfare and accommodation will be borne by the Institute.
If interested, please send your comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (please include Passport Number) to the National Youth Commission, International Unit @ 4/F Bookman Building, 373 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City on or before September 8, 2006.
For more details, you may get in touch with Mark Fernandez of NYC, thru 02-781-1406 / 781 1613
Dino Badilla
National Youth Commission