World Youth Alliance Europe Regional Director (RD)

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World Youth Alliance Europe Regional Director

The World Youth Alliance is looking for leaders with a strong desire to protect and promote human dignity while making a positive impact on society. Successful staff is proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented, and humble individuals who have the willingness to learn. If you possess these qualities and would like to make a difference, apply today!

The selected candidate must be available to undergo staff training in Brussels from March 1 to May 31, 2021. Accommodation and a stipend will be provided during the entire duration of the training. The selected candidate will officially assume the position of WYAE Regional Director on June 1, 2021. This is a full-time position based in Brussels, Belgium.

Job Description

The Regional Director (RD) reports to the President of the World Youth Alliance and supervises regional staff. The RD is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan together with the Regional Director of Operations, the Director of WYA Southeast Europe, the Regional Director of Advocacy and the Regional Fundraising Manager. The RD represents WYA as stated in the vision, mission and charter. The RD submits an annual strategic plan for the region and reports on the region’s progress through appropriate reporting mechanisms and during staff meetings. The RD is responsible for the growth and development of our WYA Europe chapters as well as the management of WYA Europe Chapter Coordinators. The RD maintains relations with chapter leaders, current members, donors, friends and other key contacts.


    • Developing an annual operational plan with attainable goals that he/she is responsible for achieving in the areas of Membership, Education, Advocacy, and Culture with the other regional staff, and in consultation with members and other stakeholders to address regional needs.
    • Supervising the implementation of the strategic plan for the region and ensures that the regional staff are meeting regional goals and expectations.
    • Complies with deadlines for submission of plans and/or proposals and progress reports to the President via Quarterly Reports and the Project Documentation System.
    • Communicates regularly with the President to discuss progress, difficulties, and ideas.
      Seeks to increase regional membership numbers and develops membership development programs.
    • Gives feedback on applicants to the regional internship program to the Regional Director of Operations and has veto power in the final selection. Provides accreditation to interns.
    • Supervises Chapters and National Committees in WYA Europe region. Actively seeks out the set up of chapters and interviews Chapter coordinators. Is in regular contact with the chapter leaders and supervises them in planning, writing, and implementing their strategic plan.
    • Supports chapters by actively seeking opportunities to promote WYA through conferences, seminars, school events, among others.
    • Meets regularly with chapter leaders, committee members, interns, and active members to discuss progress, difficulties, and ideas, and provides them with leadership and guidance in pursuing the WYA mission.
    • Extends and maintains a support base of contact persons and organizations who agree with WYA’s mission, who are working on similar issues, and who are experts in relevant fields.
    • Ensures that contacts are aware of the current activities of WYA and are actively engaged in areas where they are available and/or qualified to help out in.
    • Is available to meet with donors, friends, and key contacts of WYA at the request of the President.
    • Keeps the WYA President updated on regional issues and actively addresses policy-related concerns of members and the general public together with the help of WYA Europe regional staff and Regional Director of Advocacy.
    • Responsible for creating awareness and providing information to members and the general public on WYA-related issues, subject to the approval of the President.
    • Works together with the regional staff on innovative ways to ensure the work of the European region runs smoothly and at its best.


    • Bachelor’s degree or higher
    • Strong background and work experience in management & leadership
    • Excellent communication and public speaking skills, both oral and written
    • Ability to manage time effectively in order to meet deadlines
    • High comfort level to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style
    • Within WYA’s age of membership
    • Has been involved with WYA Europe in the past
    • CTP Certified prior to staff training

Application Process

Candidates for consideration will be contacted for a series of interviews. Interested members should submit their application through the button below.


Deadline for applications: January 17, 2021 12:00 pm GMT+1



World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific
Regional Director of Operations (RDO)

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World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific
Regional Director of Operations

The World Youth Alliance is looking for leaders with a strong desire to protect and promote human dignity while making a positive impact on society. A World Youth Alliance leader is proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented, and humble individual who has the willingness to learn.

Important Qualifications and Assessment for the WYAAP RDO Vacancy

We are looking for applicants who possess a bachelor’s degree (preferably higher) and at least two (2) years of previous work experience in management, community development, human and institutional capacity-development and/or other related work. Having professional experience in budget management and development, finance, fundraising, training and capacity-building, and possessing familiarity with the Asia Pacific region are an advantage. Fluency in English is required; knowledge of another Asia Pacific language is an advantage.

Interested applicants must be available to work full-time at the Asia Pacific office located in Manila, Philippines and must have completed (with excellent marks) the WYA Certified Training Program before the start date. Qualified applicants will be evaluated through the application form and multiple competency-based interviews with the WYA Staff.


The position of Regional Director of Operations (RDO) is an executive position. The RDO works with the Regional Director (RD) and assists in the implementation of the annual strategic plan of the region.

The RDO maintains and develops the membership base through effective management of the Internship Program, the Certified Training Program (CTP), the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC), and other programs in conformity with the strategic plan. The RDO oversees marketing and communication-related projects in the region through effective maintenance and management of contacts on the WYA database and related systems. The RDO is also responsible for all legal compliances, and finance-related activities, including the development of the regional budget. The RDO represents WYA as stated in the vision, mission, and charter. This is a full-time position.

APPLY ON OR BEFORE FEBRUARY 5, 2021 (11:59 PM Philippine Standard Time)

Download Job Description

Download Application Form


Job Description

An aspiring leader of the World Youth Alliance should possess the appropriate skills, attitude, and behavior that will effectively lead the organization toward accomplishing its goals and fulfilling its mission. There are several core competencies that we expect from our staff. Please read the full WYAAP RDO Job Description here.

Key Responsibilities

      • Manages overall operations, financial, and legal matters of WYAAP
    1. Develops and manages the region’s annual budget with the RD
    2. Prepares monthly financial reports and a year-end report of the regional budget to be submitted to the WYA Headquarters
    3. Maintains and updates legal documentation, working permits, and other contractual agreements
    4. Manages day-to-day financial activities and keeps records of all transactions, such as payments, withdrawals, deposits, and other similar activities
    5. Maintains regular communication with the region’s accountant and the WYA Headquarters for all finance, accounting, and other operations-related matters of WYAAP
    6. Prepares proposals for the implementation of projects and programs with the RD
      • Manages administrative and office matters
    1. Increases the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational support to members by reviewing and/or developing policies, goals, objectives, and procedures for day-to-day office functioning
    2. Complies with deadlines for submission of plans, proposals, and project documentation
    3. Reviews and updates donor and member database information and maintains communication with regional members, especially committee members
    4. Works with the RD in implementing marketing and communication campaigns for the region
    5. Manages human resources-related work and ensures compliance with the labor laws of the country
      • Manages the WYAAP Regional Internship Program
    1. Reviews applicants to the Regional Internship Program with the RD
    2. Organizes intern work schedules and ensures proper delegation of projects and tasks among the team
    3. Oversees the training and performance evaluation of interns, and ensures an enjoyable and productive internship experience
      • Manages the WYAAP Certified Training Program
    1. Reviews applicants to the CTP and leads effective implementation of the training sessions, in collaboration with the RD and Certified Trainers
    2. Manages CTP lectures and one-on-one consultation sessions, marks CTP answers, and ensures an enjoyable and effective learning experience for trainees
    3. Manages the Online Training Zone and conducts CTP accreditation with the RD
      • Manages the WYAAP Human Dignity Curriculum
    1. Leads HDC implementations and trains teachers and volunteers in conducting HDC lectures
    2. Prepares lesson plans and activities for different community implementations
    3. Prepares HDC reports and ensures proper documentation of each implementation
    4. Actively seeks new partners and donors and nurtures relationships with existing partners