World Youth Alliance Africa Regional Director of Operations (RDO)

The position of Regional Director of Operations (RDO) is an executive position. The RDO works with the Regional Director (RD) and assists in the implementation of the annual strategic plan of the region.

The RDO maintains and develops the membership base through effective management of the Internship Program, the Certified Training Program (CTP), the Human Dignity Curriculum (HDC), and other programs in conformity with the strategic plan. The RDO oversees marketing and communication-related projects in the region through effective maintenance and management of contacts in the WYA database and related systems. The RDO is also responsible for all legal compliances, and finance-related activities, including the development of the regional budget. The RDO represents WYA as stated in the vision, mission, and charter. This is a full-time position.


Specific Responsibilities

  • Manages overall operations, financial, and legal matters of WYA Africa
  1. Develops and manages the region’s annual budget with the RD
  2. Prepares monthly financial reports and a year-end report of the regional budget to be submitted to the WYA Headquarters
  3. Maintains and updates legal documentation, working permits, and other contractual agreements
  4. Manages day-to-day financial activities and keeps records of all transactions, such as payments, withdrawals, deposits, and other similar activities
  5. Maintains regular communication with the region’s accountant and the WYA Headquarters for all finance, accounting, and other operations-related matters of WYA Africa
  6. Prepares proposals for the implementation of projects and programs with the RD
  • Manages administrative and office matters
  1. Increases the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational support to members by reviewing and/or developing policies, goals, objectives, and procedures for day-to-day office functioning
  2. Complies with deadlines for submission of plans, proposals, and project documentation
  3. Reviews and updates donor and member database information and maintains communication with regional members, especially committee members
  4. Works with the RD in implementing marketing and communication campaigns for the region
  5. Manages human resources-related work and ensures compliance with the labor laws of the country
  • Manages the WYA Africa Regional Internship Program
  1. Reviews applicants to the Regional Internship Program with the RD
  2. Organizes intern work plans and ensures proper delegation of projects and tasks
  3. Oversees the training and performance evaluation of interns, and ensures an enjoyable and productive internship experience
  • Manages the WYA Africa Certified Training Program
  1. Reviews applicants to the CTP and leads effective implementation of the training sessions, in collaboration with the RD and Certified Trainers
  2. Manages CTP lectures and one-on-one consultation sessions, marks CTP answers, and ensures an enjoyable and effective learning experience for trainees
  3. Manages the Online Training Zone and conducts CTP accreditation with the RD
  • Manages the WYA Africa Human Dignity Curriculum
  1. Leads HDC implementations and trains teachers and volunteers with the RD
  2. Prepares lesson plans and activities for different community implementations
  3. Prepares HDC reports and ensures proper documentation of each implementation
  4. Actively seeks new partners and donors and nurtures relationships with existing partners



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Budget development and oversight experience
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Excellent computer skills and proficient in Excel, Word, and social media platforms
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to manage time effectively in order to meet deadlines
  • Delegates responsibilities effectively
  • High comfort level to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Within WYA’s membership age (under 31 years old)
  • Has completed the Certified Training Program prior to official start date as staff


Application Process

Interested applicants are highly encouraged to send their applications to as soon as possible. Candidates for consideration will be contacted for a series of interviews. For inquiries, you may contact

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Deadline for applications: September 5, 2021 24:00 pm GMT+3