Chapters and National Committees

WYA Chapters

WYA Chapters are driven by the initiatives of young people like you who put your passion for human dignity into action. A Chapter is an officially approved local branch of WYA members who volunteer to manage various activities in support of the WYA mission. Interested WYA members may start any one of the different Chapter types, namely:

  • High School Clubs
  • Campus (College or University) Chapter
  • City, State or Provincial Chapter

Check out the existing list of Chapters below to find one near you:

National and City Chapters

High School Clubs and University Chapters

  • Assumption Iloilo Club
  • Assumption College San Lorenzo Chapter
  • Ateneo de Zamboanga University Chapter
  • Benedictine College Chapter
  • Cathedral High School Club
  • Disii Secondary School Club
  • Georgia State University Chapter
  • Gilgil Hills High School Club
  • Koilel High School Club
  • LSPR Jakarta Chapter
  • Miriam College High School Club
  • Mustard Seed, High School Club
  • Olympic High School Club
  • PAREF Westbridge Club
  • Philippine Normal University-Cadiz Chapter
  • PAREF Woodrose Club
  • Universidad de Piura Chapter
  • University of Navarra Chapter
  • University of Dhaka Chapter
  • Upper Hill High School Club Chapter
  • University of the Philippines – Visayas Chapter
  • Wexford High School Club

National Committees

A National Committee is an officially recognized group of certified WYA members and/or WYA chapters residing in one country that support the mission of WYA and commit to extending our reach on a national level. Committees are led by certified and committed members based in one country.

  • Croatia National Committee
  • Jordan National Committee
  • Kenya National Committee
  • Lebanon National Committee
  • México National Committee
  • Morocco National Committee
  • Philippine National Committee
  • Tunisia National Committee
  • Uganda National Committee
  • United States National Committee


If you would like to launch or contact a WYA Chapter or National Committee, kindly contact your Regional Office.