3 Reasons Why You Need to Take the CTP:

The Certified Training Program (CTP) is one of the World Youth Alliance’s flagship programs. It can be offered in person if WYA staff or trainers are available or online. Currently, we are opening the first 2020 CTP Batch for our Middle East members. The CTP is the collection of texts that provide the philosophical underpinnings for the mission of WYA. It presents a summary of philosophical, historical, and modern-day texts that focus on the dignity of the person and human rights. Those who complete the CTP are equipped to articulate and defend the principles of the dignity of the person within the public square. The program is free and is open to all members of the World Youth Alliance. It is a pre-requisite for participation in many of the programs of WYA. Here are more reasons why you need to take the CTP:


1. Re-discover Human Rights: World Youth Alliance tackles Human Rights differently. The CTP is a bit daunting at first, due to its philosophical and legal texts. That is a fact! However, you get the help and time you need. In fact, almost most CTP trainees said that they have immensely enjoyed WYA’s approach and how it showed them the world of Human Rights from a different perspective. The CTP offers a holistic approach to understanding Human Dignity. You will also learn about Culture, Freedom, Solidarity and more. Additionally, once you dive into the CTP world, things will never be the same again. Simply put, you will start implementing what you’ve learned into your daily life. WYA is more of a lifestyle than just a nonprofit with a goal. Once you feel part of the bigger picture, you will do your part by being an advocate for WYA’s mission as a Certified Member. The CTP will change your life.


2. Improve your English skills: Since English is not most of the trainees’ mother tongue, the course can help them expand their knowledge of the language. In the case of the Middle East, for example, most talented members speak over two languages. Whether they are fluent English speakers or not, they have enough support to understand the CTP key concepts and work on their English skills along the way. Because the CTP is advanced in its texts, trainees will slowly start to pick up on that advanced level. CTP trainers try their best to help members in training to grasp CTP concepts in different ways, some include language practice. In fact, language is all about practice, so the more one reads and writes (as it will be the case for the trainees), the better they get at a certain language.


3. Access to a wide range of opportunities: Since being certified is one of the criteria for most of WYA’s programs, it is crucial for whoever wants to apply to WYA’s forums or internships to take the CTP as soon as possible. After successfully passing it, certified members will be able to apply for the fellowship programinternships, the International Solidarity Forum, Emerging Leaders and many more exciting events! Additionally, WYA is a great network. There are youth from all around the world and all walks of life in different fields. The friends you will make throughout the WYA are definitely friends anyone would want to have around for a long time. So, being with the World Youth Alliance offers professional but also social benefits and privileges.


To sum it up, taking the Certified Training Program is the first step into making your way to become an involved WYA member. In fact, WYA offers the Viktor Frankl Award for the most engaged member from all regions each year. You can be one of the few selected members! Sign the charter, apply for the CTP, and like us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Remember that WYA also has offices in all different regions of the world so you can find yours and follow them on social media as well.

World Youth Alliance is always happy to hear from you, you can email us with questions and thoughts at: wya@wya.net.

UPDATE: You can still apply for the remaining CTP batches of our regional offices. Make sure to submit your application today! Visit wya.net/ctp