3 Reasons Why Young MENA People Should Join WYA

The Middle East and North Africa, a region of the world though known for its unstable geopolitical and international affairs, hosts more talented youth than one could imagine. Hailing from a North African country myself and having worked with many MENA youth, I am very familiar with the wide range of skills and passions that can be uncovered behind the stereotypical stories articulated in the news. In this context, World Youth Alliance is one of the global coalitions that can help MENA youth build a cross-cultural unity, better understand Human Dignity, and advance in their careers.

1. Uniting youth:

As World Youth Alliance is a global coalition, it succeeds in building partnerships between youth all around the world. In uniting youth from different religious and cultural backgrounds, WYA succeeds in also bringing a sense of cross-cultural unity. As charter and certified members agree to the mission and values of the World Youth Alliance, they form a bond that transcends distance and cultural differences, and in that, change is created.

2. Redefining human rights:

World Youth Alliance tackles human dignity before human rights as it considers human dignity the core to properly define human rights. This approach revolutionized the human rights field as it introduced a new definition and re-affirmed a new framework that helped WYA achieve its goal and re-introduce the term in an ever-changing world. WYA also reinforces this approach through its Certified Training Program, the International Solidarity Forum and the Human Dignity Curriculum, all of which are programs specifically designed to target youth’s needs, including bright Middle Eastern minds.

3. Providing Mentorship and Career Opportunities:

World Youth Alliance mentors youth through a couple of programs. The WYA team practices solidarity as one of their main core beliefs. All members learn from each other, and each member has something to offer. Through the CTP, youth are also taught about major topics such as: Human Dignity, Freedom, Solidarity, Culture etc. Through this mentorship role, WYA provides youth with the essential skills to become the best version of who they are. In fact, after successfully finishing the CTP, the newly certified members will be provided with career-advancing opportunities which include the Regional and International internships and the fellowship program. The WYA team makes sure that it provides the most equal access to their opportunities for all of their six regional offices. When you work at WYA, you are working for all youth around the world, not only your region.

Through these customized programs, World Youth Alliance succeeds in making it possible for their members to defend human rights in their regions. The Middle East would benefit greatly from the presence of such a life-loving, optimistic, driven young team. So how can you join?

WYA made sure to make it easy for any young person from anywhere in the world to join, including the Middle East. You simply need to sign the charter to become a Charter Member. After that, you can take the Certified Training Program and then start a Chapter or join one in your community, take part in the international forums and much more.  Additionally, the Middle East Office has its own Facebook and Instagram accounts where you can follow all of the MENA region WYA-related news. 

Don’t forget to like WYA Global too, as it gives insight into the HQ and international events.

Will you be joining the WYA family?

Published: March 23, 2020
Written by Balkis Chaabane, a WYA Headquarters intern from Tunisia.