WYA Middle East Office Opens Doors In Beirut

After several months of planning, preparation and hard work, the Middle East regional office opened its doors on September 17, 2012. Led by the Regional Director, the first four interns have already started brainstorming ways to protect the dignity of the person where it is greatly needed. Several activities and events are already in motion, so stay tuned for more updates!

What we’ve been up to so far
The month of August has seen the birth of the first collaboration with the Lebanese American University (LAU) and the launching of the Fall semester Track A training. On august 20, 22 Lebanese students from the LAU travelled to WYA’s headquarters in New York to participate in a three day UN Leadership Training Program that exposed them to the actual debates taking place today at the United Nations (for the full press release, click here). On September 1, 63 members from the region started the Track A training to become better informed on the principles that guide the work of the World Youth Alliance.

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