A Call to Young People: Get up and Do Something.

dreamstimefree_228495You are going to die.

Yes. You are going to die. This is not a threat, this is called life. But, why are we here then, if we are going to die anyways? Well, this is a very personal question, although it has something to do with the rest of you.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, (finally) Saturday and Sunday. And it starts all over again, for months and months and then years and years.  I am 24 years old, I just graduated from Law School and now I wonder “what’s next?”. And next is living.

Sometimes we get confused or forget that we are here for a reason, a personal and unique reason. As time passes by, life overwhelms us with all sorts of things; information, internet, social pressure, money, a good job, you name it. The antidote for this sickness is to keep focus on our search, the problem of the world out there with our very own name, waiting for us to wake up and start searching. Bad news is that we are here just for limited amount of time. You have been given certain hours, days and years, so what are you going to do with that time?

We have seen others using it. Recently we heard about Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person nominated to the Novel Prize Peace, a girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted to go to school. The question in her mind was “Why should I wait for someone else to help me? I will speak up”. And she did.

As young people we have the duty to find the problem that has our name tag. We are part of something bigger than ourselves. We must not forget the strength that we have, especially at the young age. We need to get out there, and share our desire for truth and justice. Youth is not going to settle down with things as they are, simply because settling cannot be an option for us. There is still so much to be done.

You don’t need to be the President of the United States to change the world; you can start by doing something good for yourself and others. You better start with something small; your room may be an option.

So get up your seat, close Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Candy Crush or whatever is that you are wasting time on and go out there and look closely to the problem to solve with your name tag. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, (finally) Saturday and Sunday. Yes. You are going to die (soon) so you better hurry.

By Ana Laura Hernández Martínez, an intern at WYA Latin America.