A Need for Formation

UGThe land is fertile, the harvest can be rich, and the investment is worthwhile. World Youth Alliance needs to reach all parts of Africa but it also has to start small and blossom. Visiting Uganda was a small seed, probably smaller than a mastered seed. But we should never get tired of sowing, however small the seed may be, for there is no difference in size between seeds that give annual plants and those that will grow into ageless trees.

There’s a noticeable monumental ignorance in the society, and this calls for formation which will lighten the paths and guide the youth towards truth. No one can doubt about the corrupt information which is so much prevalent in our society, and it is fed to the youth who are sort of ignorant. Many people don’t know about their dignity and how it is assaulted. People do not know what good they can do to the society. Neither do they understand the authentic meaning of freedom, and how they can build virtuous societies.

Fortunately, the WYA team that visited Uganda did so much to shed light about some of the different issues concerning Dignity, Solidarity, and Life. There is indeed a need for truth about all these issues and I remember someone once said that ‘it is not hard to find truth if you seek it, what is hard is to run away from truth.’ The youth in Uganda want to be generous with their talents, in order to promote the dignity of the human person. They believe the message of WYA is rich and if it can reach them, it will definitely sink in their bones, and they will later become a true sign of hope in the midst of chaos and confusion.

After every speaking engagement, voices from young people kept on coming; ‘I hope this is not the last time you come to visit Uganda.’ ‘I hope you can set up an office here in Uganda so that you can have sustainable activities with the youth.’ ‘We need to learn and understand the dignity of the human person.’ ‘How can we be involved in the work of World Youth Alliance?’ Such voices also represent those other people in Uganda, and in other African countries, and all around the word, where WYA has not reached and this is an emphatic sign of hunger for knowledge, and great positive attitude towards the promotion of the Dignity of the Human Person.

By Mubiru Deograthius, a WYA Africa intern.