A Pledge Greater than Anything Else

Last May 5, 2021, the WYA PAREF Woodrose Chapter accomplished the outreach activity that included the participation of the members, which was all planned and implemented in an online setup. All proceeds went to the beneficiaries: 24 families of a remote area in San Pedro, Laguna, and the Parian Elementary School in Guinobatan, Bicol.

Every year, the chapter holds outreaches with selected beneficiaries as a way of carrying out WYA’s mission to promote human dignity and solidarity. Due to the restrictions brought by the pandemic, the chapter was not permitted to do such activities as a precaution for everyone’s welfare. However, this was not a hindrance to continue reaching out to others.

The chapter found a new way of conducting an outreach activity with the involvement of everyone.  In one of the chapter meetings, the officers first asked the members to propose a layout of how we can hold an outreach without meeting up in person but still ensuring the participation of all members. It was quite a tricky plan to come up with, but all the members gave such great ideas that led to the final proposal being, “A Pledge of Love: A WYA Woodrose Outreach Initiative.” 

A pledge is a promise to give. The members were allowed to give a pledge of any amount to provide for the groceries and COVID-19 essentials of the families, while more COVID-19 essentials and printer ink for the student’s modules were to be given to the school in Bicol. Here, the members were not only pledging their money but their genuine support and care for the beneficiaries. As a result, the initiative’s name is “A Pledge of Love.” Because the people in San Pedro and Guinobatan live in remote areas and do not receive immediate help, the chapter chose them as the beneficiaries of the outreach.

The pledges of 20 WYA Woodrose members raised a total of 18,300 PHP (Approx. 350 USD). They were all assured that the money was safe with the officers and ready to be used to buy the goods. With these funds, the chapter was able to provide 100 face masks, 2 face shields, and 500 mL of isopropyl alcohol to each San Pedro family. The groceries included 5 kilos of rice, 1 pack of small cakes (snack), 1 can of luncheon meat, 1 can of tuna, 1 pack of Pancit Canton (instant noodles), and 12 pieces of instant coffee. Families with young children received additional packs of powdered milk. For the Parian Elementary School, the chapter was able to provide 30 packs of face masks and two printer ink cartridges for the students and staff.

The goods were distributed to the families in San Pedro by one of the chapter’s officers. On the other hand, the Gixxer Riders Elite Pilipinas (GREP) Cavite Chapter rode for almost half a day to distribute the goods to the school in Bicol.

When it comes to helping those in need, finding an excuse not to do so takes more time than thinking creatively and putting a plan in place. This chapter wanted to pursue this outreach as a way of bearing witness to it and, hopefully, inspiring others to do the same. With the ease of communication provided by technology, waves of solidarity can be easily pushed. After all, there is a greater pledge than money or any other material thing to give to others. It is love.

The chapter would like to acknowledge the following members for their pledges:

  • Jacqui Tiongco
  • Katie Ramirez
  • Lia Palma
  • Juliana Franco
  • Mariel Maddela
  • Lea Huang
  • Fran Silva
  • Sam Sillona
  • Amanda Prats
  • Anya Aure
  • Bea Veloso
  • Erika and Eliza Gutay
  • Erin Tarrosa
  • Andrei Jose
  • Alyssa Gilladoga
  • Lucia Ramento
  • Nika Ambal
  • Annika Cupino
  • Anonymous WYA member

Special thanks for the help and guidance of the following:

  • Mr. Eric Urgelles (GREP Cavite Chapter President)
  • Ms. Sabel Diaz (WYA Woodrose Moderator)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Venice Medina
  • Mr. Richard De Vera

Published: May 24, 2021
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