Africa Emerging Leaders Conference 2010

The World Youth Alliance Africa held a second regional conference from 11th-13th August 2010 at the Kenya High School in Nairobi,Kenya.The Africa Emerging Leaders Conference was another success after last years’ Decade of Dignity and Development conference.Aiming to create solidarity between African youth on challenges facing the continent,the conference successfully brought together 51 youth leaders from 12 countries. Among the countries represented was Zambia, Malawi, South Africa,Angola,Nigeria,Rwanda, Morocco, Sudan, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Canada. There were Expert lectures,speeches and Group discussions on the key issues touching the theme Uniting African youth on Good governance and Development.

The delegates had great moments during the extra curicula activities like the Debate night,Cultural night,Gala night and a night out in Nairobi. At the end of the three days knowledge was transfered,new skills were learnt, friendships made and the next generation of Africa’s leaders went home inspired.The next Africa Emerging Leaders conference will be announced shortly.