Arreglando la luz y dignity projects

We continue in our saga of fixing th WYALA HQ….thanks to our part time intern Tlamatinitzin we now finally have lights in all of the house yay!!!!

Now the plumbing, that will be a story for another day.

Today was also Tlama’s dignity project (DP) and since he is a vegeterian, he treated us to vegeterian sausage, an awesome salad, mexican quesadilla’s and grenadine beer.

For all those new to here a dignity project is an activity, which can be cultural, sports, musical, that allows the person and others to recognize dignity. Since its nearing the end of the internship we are taking advantage of finished projects to treat each other to dignity projects.

For Heike’s DP we went to the Palace of Chapultepec, which is where Mexico’s president’s lived during term, it is also one of the strongest energy centre’s of the world, it is very beautiful and everyone should visit it.

Now aparently my DP was to encourage the bathing of Pia the WYALA mascot, who after a month was an interesting and smelly off brown instead of the fluffy white that she should be, this also included cutting her hair/fur (what is it for dogs???) because she also had this hideous afro.

Now I think my DP really is the daily task of dj’ing during our lunches and introducing everyone here to spanish rock and cantautores of the sort, and reintroducing oldies. You decide.