Asia Pacific Internship Program 2012


Batch 1: January 9 to March 30, 2012
Application Deadline: November 26, 2011

Batch 2: May 2 to July 20, 2012

Application Deadline: March 24, 2012

Batch 3: September 3 to December 7, 2012
Application Deadline: July 28, 2012


Internships run for 10 to 12 weeks on the average. Interns will be assigned projects and will be in-charge of implementing it according to the specifics in the brief.

Introductory Training
All interns begin with their basic Certified Training Program (CTP). It will focus on two areas namely human rights philosophy and the dignity of the human person as the basis for all human rights.

Project Development
The Interns will have the opportunity to have a first-hand experience in managing projects under the guidance of WYA Staff. Interns will be assigned to work on tasks that suit their interests and strengths.

Network Building
Interns will be able to attend different events and meet new contacts as they represent WYA in various occasions.


  1. Download the Application Form from
  2. Submit the following documents before the deadline:
  • Cover Letter
  • Accomplished Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume with 1×1 ID picture
  • Two (2) Recommendation Letters addressed to the Regional Director of Operations
  • For new members, a signed copy of the WYA Charter

For application form submissions and other concerns you may contact Christine Violago at or call the Asia Pacifc office at (+63 2) 4330715