Back from Viviamo! camp

30 °C have welcomed us, on the way back from Viviamo! camp, here in Bruxelles. We have soon missed the great temperature and fun we had in Orleans.

The Viviamo! camp has ended and now we look for through our photos the great moments spent in France.

We visited the castle of Chambord, the biggest Loire chateau and we discovered the love and drama’s stories of these places, where French kings used to spend part of their holidays.

We spent an evening watching the movie “Bella” that helped us to reflect about the importance of family and the struggles of a mother in accepting a child that she wanted to refuse at the beginning.

Time also at Loire beach, swimming in the river and playing beach volley on the sand. Ah, I forgot: WYA team won against French guys!!!

Last days also focused on editing the Drama of Love magazine that will be ready for August, just in time for The HUMAN project…

So looking forward next Viviamo, thank you to everybody who joined us in this experience.