Becoming A True Dignity Defender

More than one million young people from all over the world have signed the World Youth Alliance Charter and their voices were heard loud and clear. I am proud to be a WYA member and to be called a WYA member since 2015. I am a member of a great movement of youths from all over the world standing against the odds and advocating for Culture, Dignity, and Life. We as the global citizens of the global village must come to the realization that we are commissioned to go forth and promote the pillars and what WYA stands for.

To whom must is given much is expected. We must all work hand in hand to make the organization’s dream come to a reality. Involvement is key! We need to come on board and learn more and identify and evaluate the gaps in our society and fill them and turn into change agents. I am currently studying and getting assessed under the CTP program previously known as Track A. The program has increased my knowledge of the organization and what I am truly standing for. My worldview has been enormously broadened and my way of thought is more diverse.

We need to know our very foundation that we are on so that we may know the importance and significance of the cause we are standing for. Right from the commencement of the distribution of the pink flyers in the United Nations (UN) to revoke the motion that was on the table immediately after the presentation of a group of young youths advocating for abolishment of parental rights and legalization of abortion, struck me to the core and made me feel proud of being a WYA member.

In my career of diplomacy and foreign policy, true information is key and of at most relevance since we craft the international law. I would like to highly encourage my fellow youths from all parts of the world and walks of life to take some off and enroll for WYA’s Certified Training Program and get more information and get to know who we are in WYA and what we stand for. Let’s all arise and get our voices heard even more for the sake of the billions of youths in the world. WE MUST ARISE…OUR TIME IS HERE!

Written by Brian Victor, a WYA Member from Kenya.