Blind Soldiers


You are not perfect and neither am I. Let’s face it, we are imperfect beings living in an imperfect world bumping into challenges and obstacles every single day and moment. We have no idea what the future holds for us and are walking blindly towards a destination we set for ourselves. How do we know that the destination we have chosen to follow is the right one, and what energy keeps us moving forward after tumbling down so many times? Why don’t we just give up and stop walking in the darkness without the risk of bumps and bruises to an already troubled soul?

I am only twenty six years old and I feel exhausted already. Debating, arguing, convincing, fighting, and proving to people that I am right. The more I struggle in this life, the more I realize how blind everyone is, including myself. The more people think they know, the less they are able to perceive the reality they live in. By thinking I am right, I judge other people by considering they are wrong. No “earthly being” we meet will ever know everything, yet every single person knows something we don’t.

We all live in a world full of human interaction; with our work colleagues, family, and friends. We are also highly affected by these people for better or for worse. We end up blaming other people when we internally decide that they have a wrong perception of something and that they act upon that flawed perception affecting us negatively. We start with believing we are right, then judge the ones who are wrong, then blame them for the world’s imperfections, and finally hate them because they are putting obstacles in our way.

This does not mean however that there are no right or wrong decisions, but that no one is able to identify what is right or wrong by him or herself. We need to accept our ignorance and try to tap into what little knowledge other people have and together find the closest vision of what is right.

We need to stop blaming others for our imperfections and take responsibility for our failures in our work, personal life, and even spiritual life. Deciding not to do what we know is right just because we are faced with an imperfect environment is no excuse to doing the wrong thing, simply because we will never be in a perfect environment. Waiting for the perfect boss to become a good employee, a perfect husband to become a good wife, a perfect child to become a good parent, a perfect education to become a good student are all excuses to be a bad employee, a bad wife, a bad parent, and a bad student.

To move forward we need to genuinely recognize that every person is another blind soldier like us that is fighting for the same cause and looking for direction.

Cedric Choukeir is the regional director of the World Youth Alliance in the Middle East.