Changing the culture of selfishness

“Start spreading the news, da dara daraaaaa” well its goes something like that; good old blue eyes did love this city and for good reason. Now what makes my stay here even better is that I´m at the WYA house.

It’s the best, though I share with three girls and many would cringe at this, I really see it as part of the experience, of getting to feel the international nature of what we do. I share with Irene who´s from Kenya, Alíah who´s from the Phillipines and Elise from Australia. We get along really well though we are all children of our parents and for that, extremely different. But we share the same belief in human dignity and the need for defending it. This makes all the cultural differences seem much smaller because we know that deep inside we are all equal, deep inside we all want the same thing, happiness and fulfillment, and we know this comes from a life well lived, where our actions embody a respect for our soul and not just our bodies and this makes it possible for us four to share a room and bathroom and not kill each other because we are thinking of the others and not just ourselves whenever we do anything in this small space.

Even in this we are making the Alliance, because if we are going to change the culture of selfishness that surrounds us we must begin at home and for the time being, we are at home here. We, together, are changing the world and for that I am grateful.

Marystella Ramírez-Guerra
Intern WYALA HQ January-Septermber 2008
National Committee Member- WYALA El Salvador
WYALA Chief of Training