Chef… What do we have on the menu today?

Dignity Project – The importance of Cultural Identity to Human Dignity
By Sara Silvestre, intern from Portugal

On Friday, 23rd April, I organized a dinner at one of the many Portuguese restaurants in Brussels – Algarve Restaurant in St. Gilles. The idea of this project was to promote multiculturalism and to demonstrate how culture is important to create a sense of belonging and identity. I believe there is a need to accept and respect cultural diversity in order to live in genuine freedom and solidarity…

A taste of Portuguese nature and history

It was a great night with amazing friends and food. Our menu was composed by Starter (Pasteis de Bacalhau – Codfish cakes or Gambas – prawns), main course (Bacalhau à Brás – codfish à Brás or Febras de Porco – Pork fillet) and wine (white, red and green). We shared knowledge about culture – gastronomy, music, lifestyle etc. Multiculturalism was truly present in our table – we were Portuguese, German, Belgian, Spanish, Romanian and British.