CTP Trainers Lead “Read the CTP” Pilot in WYA Africa (Part 2)

During the months of August and September, WYA Headquarters and WYA Africa hosted the pilot “Read the CTP with the WYA Trainers” in Africa. 

Led by the WYA Africa Regional Director, Cynthia Wangari, WYA hopes to introduce the core Certified Training Program (CTP) readings to WYA members and potential CTP trainees, educate members on WYA’s mission, and encourage them to enroll in the CTP. 

In order to accomplish these goals, WYA selected some of our best trainers worldwide, which will also provide an opportunity for WYA Africa members to meet international CTP trainers. Read the second of a two part feature on the trainers who participated in this special event:

 Francis Andrew Mwangi (Kenya)

“The world needs to learn the CTP because it will develop generations of human beings who understand and appreciate the true and core value of human life, that is, human dignity.”

Andrew first learned about WYA in August 2018 through a WYA Austria Chapter member, Gerlinde Hufnagel. He soon became inspired to join the organization and subsequently applied for the 2019 WYA Africa internship

When he was approached to become a trainer, Andrew recalled his enthusiasm in learning the CTP. “I knew that there would be even more joy (in) re-learning the program as I train others and pass on this light regarding understanding and appreciating human dignity,” he shares.


His favorite take away from the training is the deep understanding of who he is as a person – one who struggles for peace but who is able to choose freedom for excellence in its pursuit. 


Zachary Zimmer (USA)

“I knew that I wanted to be a trainer because I was enthralled by the topic of human dignity and I recognized that it was important to not just learn the information myself, but to also pass it on!”


Before becoming a CTP trainer, Zachary also became a summer intern at the WYA New York Headquarters. “I joined because I had always been interested in ethics and human dignity, and since I was a pre-medical major, I had the opportunity to work with the Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) curriculum and take part in the FEMM class.”



His favorite lesson from the CTP is the idea of “freedom for” as opposed to “freedom of”. Zachary further shares that there is such a need for ‘freedom for’ in this culture, as we are called to have the freedom to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty and excellence, rather than the modernistic understanding of freedom as “doing whatever you want.”


Oved Mauricio Toledo Ferreira (Colombia)

“My greatest aspiration to be a CTP trainer was linked to helping spread the WYA ideas in the world, especially the respect and recognition of human dignity as a principle and essential value of all people and, therefore, respect for the human rights of all members of society without any exception.”

At the beginning of 2020, Mauricio began his WYA journey as an advocacy intern at the WYA New York Headquarters. As a CTP trainer, he finds joy in putting into practice the themes applied in the CTP with real cases and exchanging ideas on the personal experiences and concepts with his students. 

When asked which CTP author he would like to be, Mauricio chose Viktor Frankl. This is due for Frankl’s “great capacity for resilience with which he adapted to the cruel situations that he faced and in the same way, for never giving up his freedom of thought and conscience.”



Read the first installment of this series through this link. Are you the next Certified Training Program Trainer? Register for your region’s next CTP batch to find out.