EU treaty, Dignity and Hot Whiskey: an Irish tale

Dear friends,
World Youth Alliance was invited to give a speech to the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) Sub-Committee on Ireland’s Future in the European Union on November 12th. This hearing took in Dublin and it aimed to analyze the challenges that Ireland is facing following the Lisbon treaty Referendum results. Rebecca Austen (WYA Director of Advocacy) and I attended the Sub-Committee special meeting on social policy including fundamental rights, inequality and education. This was such a exciting trip…excepted we found out only 5 days in advance that we were invited to speak in Dublin and not in Brussels!

Then, the Committee chairman was mislead by the ‘F’ (for Francois) preceding my family name and simply called me ‘Father Jacob’…which was quite funny if I had not been so nervous to speak. I did not even notice the first time he did so… Finally, a senator asked me if I was a priest, I could only show my ring in front of the camera. I then apologize to my wife, hoping that she did not understand and suspect any sudden change of vocation, while travelling to a catholic- rooted country.

Watch the video here!

After a tough debate, WYA staff met some friends to share ideas on WYA development in Ireland…I could finally enjoy the famous Guiness. Next time, I hope I will be called ‘your excellence’ and try a more serious Irish drink like a hot whiskey.

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