Finding Purpose

New PictureWhy do you get up every morning? Why do you work, make money, and buy things? Why do you talk to people, get married, and have children? Why do you keep on pushing forward knowing every new day is a new struggle? These are question that keep on reappearing in my head, as I am sure occurs with every person at some point in their life. Why do these questions constantly reoccur and what do we do about it?

I was having dinner with my brother the other evening and he was explaining to me how he has been having sudden inexplicable mood swings ever since he was a child. For years, he has been experimenting with things to understand the reasons and find solutions. Hypotheses have ranged from unresolved childhood issues, hereditary issues, biological imbalances, to eating meat. Yet none of the above hypotheses was able to provide a long term solution to the sudden mood swings that were negatively affecting his professional, social, and personal life. Simply put, the sentiment can be explained by an incomprehension of the worth of things. Suddenly, everything loses meaning and there is no point moving forward as it will all eventually end and account to nothing.

I don’t want to leave you on such a sad note, there is hope. Recently, my brother identified with certain ideas as he was reading a book. The key word was finding purpose in life. That is the key to keep you motivated and moving forward. A person who decides not to believe in anything and simply follow his animal instincts is doomed to be lost. Lost because the only criteria guiding your choices is you. To clarify, how can I be moving forward if the directions I am taking are driving me inward into a viscous cycle with no answer. We need to raise our heads, acknowledge the simple miracles around us, set our sight towards something beyond our selfish beings and embark on the journey.

To be honest, I think these are moments that every human being experiences. What differs is the way you express and react to these emotions. One can simply ignore these fundamental questions and preoccupy themselves with materialistic things. The question will eventually pop up again and you risk becoming a cold being with neither spirit nor emotions. A machine that reacts to stimuli with no identity of its own. Face these questions and find your purpose. No one can set the destination for you because it is your journey in this world directed towards something greater than yourself.

Inspire yourself and the people around you, take the leap of faith!

By Cedric Choukeir, Regional Director of the World Youth Alliance, Middle East.