Five Things You Will Experience At WYA

Photo_BlogEntry7_MalouDoing an internship at World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific has allowed me to grow as a person. The experience has taught me so much and as my internship nears its end, I want to share what made this whole experience interesting, fun, and fulfilling.


1. Meeting new friends.

When I applied for an internship, meeting new friends was actually one of the things I looked forward to. I remember on our first day of work I immediately started talking to my co-interns as if I already knew them, making jokes and planning surprises for the two new interns coming from different countries.  Waking up early and going to the office isn’t as hard because I know that I will be spending the day with them.


2. Doing real work.

On our first day of work, during our orientation, I remember our RD and RDO talking about the things we needed to do and be able to perform as interns. It was a long list but I was really happy. I’ve had a number of friends who told me that their internship experience was not as fun and it didn’t really allow them to use their talent and creativity. Here at WYAAP, we are able to demonstrate our leadership skills because we get to handle our own projects. We are able to expand our professional network by allowing us to attend different WYAAP activities. The internship helped us develop better work habits because of the freedom they gave us with our tasks and projects and also through the positive work environment in the office.


3. Have fun while doing work.

Boring is not in our vocabulary. In the office, we start the day by setting up our laptops, doing work, and the whole day we try to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves. We joke (a lot), we tell each other stories, we dance, we sing, and we do a lot more fun stuff while working! Can you believe that? There was never a time we didn’t laugh in the office. I believe that having this positive work environment boosts our productivity because it allows us to loosen up. It’s one thing I’m grateful for because WYAAP allowed us to have this kind of work environment which really helped a lot in motivating us interns.


4. Learn, learn, learn.

I’ve learned a lot through this internship in just two months. Truth be told, there’s a great deal of things you don’t get to learn in school. I’ve learned about project management and leadership which allowed me to become a better student leader in school. I learned about human dignity, freedom, culture, solidarity, international law, the UDHR, and a lot more things. Our Track A Training helped me become more aware of the state of our society and it made me more sensitive as to how I should look at humanity. I will ever be so grateful for WYA for giving us the opportunity to learn about these things because I truly believe it’s these things that the youth need to be more aware of if we want them to be agents of change.


5. Love WYA.

After spending a lot of time learning about WYA and working for them, you will just end up loving the organization. You’ll love the people, their values, what WYA stands for and fights for, and most especially, you’ll love what it instills in the youth. They are committed bring together the voices of young people and to make people understand the human person. I’m sure that when you start working with WYA, like me, you’ll experience falling in love with this organization. It’s inevitable. 🙂


By Malou San Luis, a regional intern at the WYA Asia Pacific office. Read more about our internship program and apply as a regional intern here.