Goodbye Iuliia… let´s keep in touch

Usually in WYA, there are 3 or 4 interns each season, but when I got Brussels at half April, I found out I was alone, having the biggest room in the office, having 4 desk and 4 computers only for me…It can be funny.

But after a while it can become sad, and when you are not expecting anybody, here Iuliia Kryvenko, guys don´t contact her, she is engaged and ready for the wedding :===)

Ukrainian, 23 years, speaking English and … Russian, actually even better of her mother tongue as they use it at work, or at school.

Ready to start 2 great months together.

What did we do? We worked of course, but above all we travelled… as tipycal WYA young people in their early twenties we discovered the beautiful medieval city of Gand in Belgium, the gorgeous Amsterdam, of course having a sandwich on his canal and the Viviamo camp in Orleans and Chambord. We even found the time for the fastest Paris tour ever done, six hours to see all the love capital highlights.

Of course at the end we had time to visit Brussels, and because we love danced… for sure we experienced Louise district fancy parties…

These two months passed fast, but as happens in WYA, you live with your intern…mate almost 24 hours a day, and you become friend in a short time, you learn to experience with him/her and you learn to have fun of the strange characters that every day you find on the office way.

Thank You Iuliia, we spend amazing time, I will not forget, and we will see again, maybe in a new WYA chapter in Kiev!!!