Growth for the WYAAP Regional Committee

by Pinky Nepomuceno, WYAAP Philippine National Committee Member

Several weeks ago, I was invited to become a member of the WYA Asia Pacific National Committee. Jessa, the other new member, and I joined the group for a team building session in Tagaytay, a vacation spot several hours south of Manila. Since I’ve been an active member of WYAAP for almost two years now, I had high expectations for the event. I’m glad to say I was not disappointed.

Though it was only an overnight stay, we had enough time to be silly, with charade-like games and photo shoots. Of course, we also made time to sit down and get serious about the year’s activities. Usually, when it’s time to work, you’d expect a strictness and rigidity to things. What I love about the committee is that nothing is ever too serious – there’s always something to enjoy about the work being done. There is always a passion for it, a desire to reach people. There’s a certain joy in being together, too; in giving each other nicknames (such as Chumenelyn, Chums, Chumie, Chumongga, etc.) and coining new inside jokes.

The most important consequence of the activity, I think, is the formation of the team’s identity. We shared our dreams for the growth of the region and set personal goals. With new members like myself coming in, and old members coming back, the team grew closer and more committed to each other and to WYAAP.