Hi-bye party

Time to say goodbye to Magda, our beloved DO… …and for people to meet and greet the new one : Iris, who is experiencing all her new tasks joyfully (but whatever concerns computers).

This was of course the opportunity of an Hi-and-Bye party in the Intern flat. And the last opportunity for Magda to set very carefully every detail.
The evening has been especially marked by an incredibly funny PowerPoint made by Iris, who did not sleep for three or four nights selecting the best photos from thousands of files, adding jokes everywhere.
Magdalena had also the great chance of receiving not only a wonderful hat, but also a beautiful good-bye book. As she said she could write a book on WYA… now she has the material ! My personal advice to her is the writing of a chapter on how to go out of the elevator (when I was blocked in it last Friday, she explained me her whole theory on how to get out of it : a theory based on her numerous experiences of such situation).
The book and the PowerPoint contain all the quotes from Magda’s

friends, and the WYA staff from all over the world. Few people can show such a number of different nationalities in a guestbook. “Great company, good food, interesting discussions and funny memories were the perfect mix to make this a very successful event.” has pointed out Heike, intern at the WYA office, and I can confirm that testimony. But it would be evil to describe the carefully prepared food on Internet…
We thank Magda for all her contribution to WYA and we are sure that Iris will do a great job as the new DO.
Have a GREAT new life, Magda…and keep contact with WYA, of course (as you’re still under 30).
Welcome, Iris ! Have a great DO fun.