Humanity being judged “Offside”


“Ismail pass the ball, give it to me!”

“Come on!”
“Muhammad, watch out, he has an open shot!”

And the bullet penetrated -no not the ball …
They were shells indeed, according to the independent magazine, an Israeli warship opened fire on children who were playing football on the beach. Four of those children died.

The problem is that the full stop in the previous sentence isn’t a “stop” sign or an end for kids’ misery in the Middle East, neither it has been a Trauma to awaken the humanity that the world’s leaders carry in them, nor was it a single incident in the world… Because most probably, to them, those kids were like a new collection of Buick matchbox cars that needs to be counted, and then they would move to a newer one.
Some statistics published by the BBC and based on Reports issued from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 1700 children under the age of 10 years were killed in Syria since the beginning of the crisis in 2011. Thousands killed in Libya during the rebellion, that turned out to be a war; same case for Egypt and lastly for Yemen.

World Health Organization’s reports talk about around one hundred children who died since the beginning of the Yemeni crisis. Few were killed directly, while many others passed away due to the lack of medical support as well as the lack of nutritional resources.
And here lies the main question: how can we think about building a better future while the children are dying in this tragedian way? How can anyone conduct wars in the name of their rights, while their right for living isn’t secured? Moreover, isn’t the reason why some health and humanitarian international organizations are founded “fighting death and misery”? Then why settle to “counting deaths”?

Humanity woke up on the wrong side of the bed a long while ago, and humans’ actions breached conscience’s defense wall. This is how the offside flag was raised. It’s either we, as human beings, take the responsibility and develop effective ways to protect humans from death; or at least admit Humanity’s failure…

By our regional intern, Hanan Tabet, World Youth Alliance Middle East