International Arts Forum: A Dream Come True

SONY DSCOne day I had a dream to change the world, in which nations were unified, peace available to all and no suffering.

That is something that I was looking for since I was a child but I never understood. I received criticism. Sometimes I was teased and scolded. But my desire and feelings always remained intact on the contrary, and kept growing.

My perseverance and effort took me to the International Arts Forum where my photographic proposals weren’t questioned but observed, where there was congruence and empathy to my art in an understanding environment. I met great people who, despite of language barriers, shared same ideas, concerns and feelings and in the end we understood each other through the language of art.

There are certain things that don’t need words. A single glance at them shows you everything you need to know. That was “Bésame Mucho” a photo collection that shows my love for my country, and my deeper admiration for its people, its needs that no words to show my feelings.

Lately Mexico has been associated with insecurity, violence and economical and political instability. But for me it’s an honor and a pleasure to share a different vision of Mexico with you through the beautiful things that my country has.

I invite you to get to know the real Mexico. A place where day dreaming is possible, where the food is charm, where sunsets are miraculous, where life is a pleasure but especially where people give their friendship without expecting nothing in return.

“Bésame mucho” is a photo exhibition that captures the essences of two sceneries in Jalisco and Coahuila. Two very different cities with a special charm in each of them.

This project was born for two reasons. The first one is to invite you to come to my country and dare you to dream awake and fall in love for the Mexican culture. The second reason is to pay tribute to all the Mexican people, all the youth around the world who fight for a better future, for mothers, rich and poor, who believe in the betterment of our world.

I would like to thank WYA for making feel part of a great family in just one weekend; great people who gave me their support and this amazing opportunity. Thanks to everyone involved in the IAF for your trust in me and for letting me show a little of my love for art. I also would like to thank my family; my sister who helped me develop this project and my parents who have always believed in me.

I invite you to participate in this forum, where everybody expresses different projects, ideas, feelings and cultures, but that, in the end, is about people united by the desire to change the world through love.

Paola Morales, WYALA Member and IAF Participant.