Invitation for Participants: Emerging Leaders Conferences in Asia, Africa, and Chile

Meet youth leaders from around the world, and examine the centrality of the human person to the idea of sustainable development. Sustainable development is the United Nations’ overarching concept for development and human rights; it includes social, economic and environmental areas of focus. In June 2012, the United Nations hosted an international conference in Rio in order to revisit commitments made 20 years ago and to reset the sustainable development agenda for the future. Given the overarching compass of this theme, the commitments made at Rio will influence each area of WYA’s work at the UN in an ongoing way. Listen to expert lectures, panel discussions, and WYA’s involvement in the Rio+20 United Nations Conference.

Call for Participants: 1st Asia Pacific Emerging Leaders Conference

Call for Participants: 1st African Emerging Leaders Conference

Call for Participants: 1st Chile Emerging Leaders Conference