ISF: Experiences from Delegates

The International Solidarity Forum was a great experience for me. I met  people from diverse backgrounds from all over the world The conference centred on was the priority of the human person in the quest to achieve  sustainable development . I was inspired by Steve Goreham who talked about climatism, stating that global warming is caused by natural factors and not  by the human activity as is mainly perceived. I also had the chance to visit the UN headquarters  together with other WYA members.  We had a cultural evening where we listened to a performance by the WYA chamber orchestra and watched winning  films that had been submitted for the 2011 World Youth Alliance Manhattan International film festival.  After participating in the International Solidarity Forum (ISF),  we took advantage of the few days we had left to tour New York and Washington DC. Standing before the White House was a truly inspiring moment for me. All in all, I was truly honoured to be able to represent my school, coutnry and continent  at the conference.
Nairobi, Kenya.