Jesus in Islam: The 2nd i-Faith Lecture

by Melissa Gregorio, WYAAP Member

Jesus in Islam – This might sound ironic to some. But this is exactly what we learned during the 2nd I-Faith Talk held at the FilMus, Malate, Manila last October 18, 2008.

Muslims and Christians do share some things in common, particularly belief in Jesus. There are variations in how we believe and what we believe in, of course, but that similarity is surprising but reassuring. The afternoon was full of new learnings about the Koran, about the Islam beliefs and about the Muslim prayer. Although we did not witness the actual prayer rites, the prayer’s importance and meaning in the Islam faith was explained by the speakers.

Thank you Randy Benosa and the Association of Muslim Students UP Manila, UP PROPHARM, and Filipino-Muslim Foundation, Inc. Thank you for sharing your faith and prayer time with us. And kudos to project head Donna Gonzales for another successful i-Faith event!

To view the pictures from this event, check out the i-Faith photo album on our Multiply Account.

Jesus in Islam is the second of a series of iFaith Talks. The first iFaith Talk: An Overview of Islam and Catholicism, was held on October 4, 2008 at the WYAAP Office. The next iFath Talk: Mysticism, is scheduled for November 8, 2008. If you’d like to get more information about the next iFaith talk, get in touch with us at the WYAAP office! Email or call +63 2 4330715.