Leadership in Times of Indifference

Are young leaders surrendering in a world of indifference? Is this indifference leading us so far that we forget what we are endowed with simply by being human? Every human person living within any society, regardless of any condition, possesses the same rights as everyone else – rights that protect his dignity, protect his integrity and promote his development. How far will this indifference go?

We live in an era of individualism where people have grown unaware of the indifference they show towards the pain and needs of others. People prioritize achieving personal goals and desires over any social communitarian need. These people have given up on their society; In fact, many of them might believe in the false idea that they cannot do anything to make a change. They are stuck in the belief that one person is not enough to create an impact that can change the world. With this under consideration, we need young people to ask themselves: “What is it like to be different? Can being counter-cultural be better? Are we living in an upside down world? Is the status quo worth keeping?”

We are surrounded by thousands of unique, creative, positive minds; leaders lingering for a reason to take action and change the world. Living life examples that, with very little effort, are able to ignite big crowds with this idea of Human Rights and promotion of the dignity of the person. Leaders that manage to stay true to themselves, letting life flow, being moved to do things that are needed. Essentially, we are not that lost. We are advancing – young minds lighting up daily, illuminating societies regardless of how hard it may seem to change the indifferent. Nevertheless, we need new minds to love without fear, to speak up because they want and need to. Young leaders have a universal conception to move, to change that which does not work because they are the ones who build their own future, make the differences that pull others to step up. These are the ones that make people see the reality as it is and make them want to improve it.

We need to get rid of indifference, it’s only making the youth wonder if they are quitters or not. Indifference is fueled by materialism passed on through technology and social media. The youth need to shout out and advocate for a change, for the respect of the fundamental rights and freedoms of all.

A major need for us as young people and youth leaders is a strong commitment to positive change. We need to work in solidarity towards building a just society where we are all part of the solution. A solution produced not just by a few but by entire nations and societies of committed people. A society that nurtures human dignity for it is the intrinsic value of people. It is in our hands whether we choose to be part of the change or part of the ones that are fine with the status quo.
It’s time to thrive for protection and justice in the world. We are the present and are building our own future. We need to start the shift from bad and indifferent mentalities. Lead as long as you can, and light up as many lives as you can so we can transform our world. It’s up to you. Are you ready?


Every human person has worth
By Pablo Herrera, intern of WYA Latin America. Interested to learn more about the ideas of human dignity, solidarity and authentic development? Check out our WYA training program. If you are interested in being an intern at WYA Latin America, click here or email latinamerica@wya.net for more information.