Let’s paint !! Evening

Discover the Picasso in you!

Let’s paint” evening 10th of February ‘09

Equipped with all different kind of brushes and colours, papers and inspiration, we welcomed our guests in the WYA interns flat. While waiting for those who would arrive a bit later (they were probably still waiting for a flash of genius), we had some nice chats and enjoyed the snacks, kindly provided by Iris and Heike.

Just before we were actually going to start a brief introduction to Art, the last guests rushed in and therefore still had the chance to get a hearty welcome-speech by Iris about WYA, art and their interconnection.
Then it was my turn to talk about art in general, basically in connection to beauty and human nature, which lead to a pretty interesting and vivid discussion, about the definition of art and their understanding of beauty. Unfortunately, it would have taken hours to go into details and to respond to every one’s fantastic input, which was why we had to interrupt the whole discussion earlier than we had wished to, in order to give a brief overview about the development of Art in history.
This was done through a slideshow, which presented one certain painting for each époque. After all the paintings throughout the centuries and cultures, people got enough inspiration to create another “Monet” or “Picasso” and we finished the intellectual part of the evening with another slideshow, demonstrating the diversity of art to get even more encouragement for what was coming next:

We armed everybody with brushes, paint and paper, and gave three topics to paint, out of which everyone could pick one: “How you see the world/ life”, “What are your values in life” and “How do you see yourself”.
Filled with motivation, we started right away to enthusiastically and determinately “express ourselves” (as some of us defined art right before) on the topics.
The outcomes were accordingly quiet interesting. We might not sell them to the Louvre
(it would probably ripe Mona Lisa’s smile right off her face) but we are certainly going to hang them in our flat!

Written by Teresas Czernin