Lost behind the red curtain? About dignity in Amsterdam

At the last weekend I visited Amsterdam –the ‘Venice of the North’-which is only around 3 hours by train from Brussels. That’s a nice city; famous (or maybe rather notorious?) mainly for its libertarianism which is visible on almost every corner of the street, for example in the form of coffeeshops.
Worth mentioning in this context is also ‘De Wallen’, the right light district, which is a very popular tourist attraction.
What struck me the most, when I was wandering in that area was the literal objectification of women, who you can see there behind the windows… That was really a sad view and made me think about the dignity of a person and about the mission of the World Youth Alliance…
What’s going on with dignity ‘hidden behind red curtains’? What is the link between dignity and shame? What can happen to people if they are not aware of their dignity?
These questions are crucial and easier to answer on , especially for interns discussing the Track A, if you were here…So maybe a field trip to Amsterdam, just at the beginning of internship at the WYA European office, is not a bad idea?