May Training on „Ethics & Policy” and my first month in Brussels

I’ve already spent an awesome time here throughout my first month in Brussels! The work at the WYAE concentrated more or less mainly on the training seminar we had from May 8th until May 11th. First the preparations, then the seminar itself and finally the follow up. Until the seminar I didn’t realize that Brussels is full of Slovenians, they are just everywhere :)! Most participants came from Slovenia except for a small minority from France and the Netherlands. But no matter where they were from, they were a bunch of extraordinary nice and cool people! It was very enriching to learn and benefit togehter from the lectures, workshops and discussions during the seminar. Seeing those people wanting to get more active in promoting the values of WYA in order to contribute to the well-being of society reflected how dynamic this group of youth was. Moreover, people got inspired by eacht other!
I was absolutely amazed how energized and non fatiguing those Slovenians + others were, when we were drinking bear in the pub or having party until 4 in the morning after a long seminar day.
After the training everyone had to fill in an evalution form. Each feedback I’ve got contained pretty much the same: what all participants liked most was the harmonic fellowship we had with each other and the opportunity to meet new people to build friendships with!
What else can I say concerning my experiences here in Brussels… Brussels is great – I love it 🙂 I like the architecture, the people, the ducks, the nature, my colleagues and my flatmates!! They are all great!!