Maybe You Should Disconnect to Connect

E bloI still remember those Sundays spent at my grandmother’s house during the nineties. I have memories from my childhood, from those days of playing with my grandma’s phone. I loved the sound of the numbers turning like a wheel.

What good times those were!

Long gone are the days when an entire family share a single landline telephone. When you called your friends, you only had to say a place and an hour to arrange a meeting.  If somebody was late, you had to wait for him, and could occupy yourself during the interim. You could spend the time playing in the park, not worrying. One call in a day to a friend was enough.

There were no mobile phones, no text messages, and no Internet connection on your smart phone. In fact, there was no internet connection at all.

Returning to our present times, I would like to reflect on the very different reality that we face. The other day I spoke with a friend who told me a curious story.  We were speaking about the high number of people who are completely dependent upon new technologies.

She told me that on her past birthday, she went to a restaurant where she had to put her smart phone in a basket at the entrance. This basket was completely full of everyone’s iPhones & BlackBerrys.  The customers were made to choose between the dinner and the use of his mobiles phone.

The experience was very good for the customers. No one was isolated by his own messages, or by Facebook, or by emails… At the end everybody enjoyed the time with their friends who were physically at the table with them.

I think that all of us should be self-critical of their dependency on new technologies and must pay attention to their real life, and to their real friends.

Let’s forget about those little machines.

As a final note, I would like to share with you this video which demonstrates the issue with better visuals. It’s an ad of a Thai company  that manages business in terms of mobile phones. The ad speaks about the important issue of disconnect to connect. Enjoy.

By Jon Sainz, a WYA member from Spain.