Meet the New Batch of Interns for September to December 2012

Get to know the people behind the work of the Asia Pacific region.
Watch out for their exciting activities and events in the next few months!
Dave Mariano was born in Angeles, Pampanga and raised in Manila, Philippines. He graduated  at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde with the award of community service and a degree in Multimedia arts. Affiliated with various organizations ever since his younger years, he is passionate in volunteering and helping the less fortunate during his free time while studying. As mulltimedia artist and social warrior, he maximizes his skills in creating innovative community projects through the use of the design principles in creating effective and efficient projects. Living with the principle of “less talk ,act more”.
I am Carmelo Balagtas participant of the “1st WYA Emerging Leaders Conference on Sustainable Development: Investing for Future Generations” last July held here in the Philippines. After having gone through the series of talks, meeting young people from the different parts of the region and endless hours of having dialogues about our personal advocacy and responsibilities in our respective organizations, I am left overwhelmed and inspired. The experience I have gotten from the conference gave me the drive I have now to stand firm in what I believe in. This being said, paved the way for me to apply in the internship program, to contribute in WYA’s mission to promote a person’s dignity through advocacy, policy and culture initiatives.
I’m Nina Karla Botial but my nickname is Nikki. I’m from Sorsogon City, Philippines. I will be graduating next year (2013) from the University of the Philippines-Diliman with a degree in Sociology.   In my spare time I like keeping myself busy with a lot of things, including (but most certainly not limited to) reading, writing, blogging, running, biking, and watching films.I believe that nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve known and the experiences I’ve had. Like the people who’ve helped shape my being, I hope to make a difference in other people’s lives too. 
Patrick Silver Silvestre Padao, a graduating Deaf student of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, took a general course in Bachelor of Applied Deaf Studies and a specific course is Business Entrepreneurship Track. He was part of SDEAS Cultural Exchange Student in Korea and a SDEAS (School of Education and Applied Deaf Studies) Ambassador who supports various Deaf Organizations to create a better future for the Hearing and Deaf as well as to build bridges as a community work. He is a member of Benildean Deaf Association and became the secretary of Benildean Deaf Association in 2010- 2011. He dreams to gain opportunities for the Deaf and Hearing community by sharing sign language. Patrick Silver loves to volunteer in different community works. He also loves to work together with hearing and deaf peers. He is an RP Deaf Badminton Player and a volleyball player. As a Theater Performer, he loves to inspire other Deaf who have different talents and challenge other countries in making a better deaf and hearing world equally. He wishes to become a Peace Corps Volunteer and participate in the World Food Programme.
Hi! You can call me Neil. I am currently taking my undergraduate course in University of the Philippines Diliman. My discipline is Political Science and my interests lie on the issues concerning international relations. I believe that having the voices of the youth to be heard is a great tool in order to achieve a better and integral development. As an intern, I am looking forward to work and to share unforgettable moments with World Youth Alliance. 
Hi! I’m Trixie, an intern at World Youth Alliance-Asia Pacific. I am seventeen years old and I am currently taking up BA Political Science at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. My experience here at World Youth Alliance has been so enriching. Miss Ren, Miss Christine, my fellow interns, and the other members of WYAAP have taught me so much, not just about the advocacy of the organization, but also about reaching out in my own little way. Coming from an all-girls’ high school, I have always been a believer of women empowerment. Hopefully, throughout my stay here, I can work proactively not just in promoting the tenets of World Youth Alliance,but also in espousing that advocacy which is so close to my heart. 
I am an undergraduate of Civil Engineering in De Lasalle University, Manila. I love design and art, though I have virtually no talent in making it. I plan on taking up architecture as my post graduate education. I want to promote green design and I hope to be an urban planner here in the Philippines. It’s my ambition to learn more. I don’t like the idea of sitting idly by and blindly letting things unfold. I believe that opening one’s eyes and mind to what the world has to offer is key to doing more and changing what is unwanted. I want to understand different teachings and different ways of life so that I can compare it with my own and see how I can continue moving forward.