Meet WYA MENA’s New Program Officer, Zainab AlRamlawi

This July, WYA gives a warm welcome to our new WYA Middle East and North Africa Program Officer, Zainab AlRamlawi!

“I noticed that the world is moving to materialism and investing more in material development, not human development…. when I took the Certified Training Program (CTP), I saw how WYA highly pointed to the importance of investing in human beings. (It’s) something which aligns with my values and mission in life: to protect the human dignity of the person….”



After her accreditation in the WYA Certified Training Program in 2020, Zainab became a trainer, online regional intern and was eventually selected as WYAMENA’s Regional Program Assistant. Zainab soon completed the Advocacy Academy and became the recipient of the WYA Viktor Frankl Award. Through her experience with WYAMENA, Zainab developed many skills including project management, training, and event planning skills.  Zainab was born in Gaza, Palestine and is completing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Al Azhar University. She has taken part in many leadership positions and ran many initiatives & campaigns to empower youth in education, advocacy, and entrepreneurship.

When asked about her personal vision for the MENA region, Zainab shares “I aspire to reach out and introduce WYA to many young people from underserved communities in the MENA region and encourage them to engage more in WYAMENA programs and events. I also look forward to implementing new programs and events to increase members’ engagement in the region. Moreover,  I look forward to establishing more partnerships with many organizations in MENA.”

When she’s not working, you can find Zainab watching and critiquing movies, reading books, listening to all types of music & podcasts, and exploring new places with friends. 

All the best in this new chapter of your WYA journey, Zainab!