As I was walking to the WYA Headquarters on the first day of the internship on September 8th 2009, I had butterflies in my stomach. Many thoughts were going round in my head, will I bond with my fellow interns and staff? what is everyone like?, how will I be able to do my projects? and a lot more. I got to the WYA house and met everyone and since then, we have created a bond and friendship that is priceless. It is funny how all of us interns and staff at WYA New York office have different backgrounds and how those differences make the house an interesting place.

We were each assigned projects by The North America Director Casey Downing who is our immediate supervisor and it has been great working on them. Some were easier then others and sometimes it was hard but through encouragement from interns and staff I was able to complete my tasks.

It is now 3 weeks left before the internship ends. What I have learnt throughout this internship; I have actively participated the North America Decade of dignity and Development conference held at Yale University and at the International Decade of Dignity and Development conference held at the WYA headquarters.

I also took part in some 3rd Committee at the United Nations, and I have been active at the working group on children without parental care, from the other interns, staff, from all the people I have met at all the events and parties, and from my family has been priceless. It brings a tear to my eyes when I think that we will be saying goodbye on 11th Decemver 2009 but life is about taking all the experiences, learning through your mistakes and working on becoming a better person everyday.

Thank you Theresia(Austria), Maggie (Up state New York), Nicole (Guadalajara, Mexico), Amy(D.C), Christin (Colorado), and Louise (Belgium) we were the best fall 2009 interns and I already miss you even before we leave, and I’m also gratteful to the WYA staff, Casey, Maria, Kris, Aliah, Becky and Mary for the support and the advice and thanks Irene and Hezbon for the good communication from Africa.

Hannah Ondiek

Fall intern 2009 North America.

Nairobi Kenya

21 years.