My Life-Changing Dignity Trip

PNU Talk

The first time I heard about World Youth Alliance, I was so curious to learn more about the organization and what it promotes – human dignity. As an International Relations major, I got really interested to learn more about human dignity and the issues around the world today especially in my country – Indonesia. I then decided to apply for the regional internship program.

After a few weeks, I received an email from WYA Asia Pacific that I got accepted to the Regional Internship Program in Manila, Philippines. This really got me very excited. During my first week of internship in the Philippines, I learned more about WYA and human dignity – a universal and intrinsic value of every human person

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,” this is a famous quote by Mahathir Mohammad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. I believe that we are born in this world for a purpose and a care to pursue it. It means that life is a long journey and from the journey we could understand the meaning and the purpose of our life, and that is what exactly we did.

I together with my fellow interns Takuma and Manh from Japan and Vietnam, respectively were invited by the WYA Asia Pacific Regional Director Lord Pomperada to join him in his trip to the Western Visayas Region of the Philippines visiting Iloilo and Negros Provinces to meet and train our WYA members and Chapters.

The trip really got me very excited because I will be able to meet other WYA members and will be able to practice what I learned about human dignity and share it with our members in other provinces. Giving them workshops and trainings on WYA and human dignity made me realize that there are a lot of cheerful and active youth who are ready to become Dignity Defenders and become part of a greater generation.

Our trip was truly a wonderful and memorable journey. I learned that truly it is in giving and sharing that one can achieve deep meaning and fulfillment in life. The trip changed me in a great and surprising way. I gained different realizations and I even asked myself the question – “what do I really want to contribute to my generation to become a generation of meaning, purpose and inspiration?”

Westbridge TalkIMG_7078   Summer Camp Graduates Reunion

Through the trip, WYA taught me to become a Real Youth – contributing to create change to the lives of others especially to those who are in need. The journey opened my mind and brought me to a great world of young people helping each other in solidarity to promote human dignity in the simplest things that they can in their school, community or family. As long as we are together in solidarity, we can create greater things in this world.



Written by Satria Rizaldi Alchatib, an Indonesian regional intern at the WYA Asia Pacific office.

Applications for the 2015 Regional Internship Program in Manila, Philippines is already open. If you’re interested to join the first batch (January to March, 2015), deadline of application is on October 24, 2014. Please click here for more details about the requirements and the program, or email for further inquiries.